Detektor ELSD

Detektor ELSDThe Light Scattering Detector ELSD 3300 has a wide range of applications in routine analysis and research. Common fields of application for the ELSD 3300 include the analysis of non-UV active compounds such as: sugars, fats, surfactants, polymers, pharmaceuticals, Amino acids / Peptides, Natural compounds. Three-Step-Principle: 1) Nebulization of the column effluent in nitrogen by means of a jet. 2) Evaporation of the mobile phase in a heated zone leaving a fine mist of sample particles. 3) Detection of the scattered light, when the sample particles pass and interfere the laser light beam. Gradient runs of variable slope and composition can be detected drift free without complicated setup procedures, because vaporization of the mobile phase occurs before detection takes place.


Specyfikacja techniczna
Źródło światła: Dioda laserowa 650nm, 30mW
Regulacja temperatury: od temperatury otoczenia do 120°C
Gaz roboczy: Azot
Ciśnienie robocze: 4-5,5bar
Przepływ fazy ruchomej: do 3ml/min
Przepływ gazu: 1,0-2,0l/min
Wymiary: 262x295x495mm (SxWxG)
Masa: 16,0kg
Nr. Kat. Opis wariantu produktu
A0925-1 Detektor ELSD 3300


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