Kolektor Frakcji Foxy R1,R2

Kolektor Frakcji Foxy R1The Foxy R1 is the improved successor of the well-known Foxy Jr. and can be used for a variety of applications. The Foxy R1 accomodates the same rack types as its predecessor, but provides faster operation, more control options (RS-232 and Ethernet) and features an integrated diverter valve as a standard.

When connected to a detector, the Foxy R1 offers slope detection, level sensing, and a combination of these methods. The applicable rack types range from 96-well microplates, to test tube racks, to funnel racks for virtually unlimited collection volumes.

The Foxy R1 is biocompatible and can be used in cold room environments.


Specyfikacja techniczna
Przepływ: do 25ml/min
Detekcja pików: Detekcja zbocza, poziomu sygnału, po czasie, ilości pików lub objętości
Wymiary: 311x355x330mm (SxWxG)
Masa: 7,7kg
Nr. Kat. Opis wariantu produktu
A59100 Kolektor Frakcji Foxy R1