Kolektor frakcji LABOCOL Vario-4000


           for 1/16″ or 1/8″ tubing

      The LABOCOL Vario-4000 fraction                     collectors are   characterized by their                 small  dimensions combined with an                 optimal space utilization. The open                     system without limitation of the fractions           and vessel sizes can be tailored to                     individual needs. The fraction collectors of         the LABOCOL Vario-4000 series offer the         corresponding program for each                         application and are flexible to handle.                The versatile application possibilities  make the Vario-4000 series ideal for use in research and development as well as in production. The individual Vario-4000 models differ in the base area and the flow rate range. Vials are placed in appropriate racks on a total floor area 30 x 50 cm (width x depth). Different rack types are available, which are specified under rack types. The fractionating surface provides space for three different racks. The diverter valve for 1/8” tubing decides between fraction and waste.