ChromGateChromGate is a full-featured scalable chromatography data system in compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 for instrument control, data acquisition and report creation. It can be used to control a wide range of chromatography systems ranging from capillary electrophoresis to analytical and preparative HPLC, and even up to SMB (Simulated Moving Bed) systems. Chromatography tasks can be easily scaled-up while staying in one single software environment.

Benefits for the user are a unified user interface and simplified operation made possible by „Wizard”-assisted programming. Lab managers benefit from reduced training expenses, a uniform system configuration and data reporting as well as less maintenance.


Nr. Kat. Opis wariantu produktu
A1456-6 Oprogramowanie ChromGate (licencja na jeden system)
A1457-6 Dodatkowa licencja na jeden system dla oprogramowania ChromGate
A1493-6 Oprogramowanie ChromGate w wersji klient/serwer (licencja na jeden system)
A1494-6 Dodatkowa licencja na jeden system dla oprogramowania ChromGate w wersji klient/serwer
A1460-6 Licencja PDA dla oprogramowania ChromGate
A1470-6 Licencja GPC dla oprogramowania ChromGate
A1512-6 Licencja FRC dla oprogramowania ChromGate


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